Metalenz Launches Polar ID Enabling Simple, Secure Face Unlock for Smartphones
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Metasurface Optics to Enable the Next Generation of Sensing

Unparalleled control, performance, and new information from a single flat lens. Optics made in any semiconductor foundry to empower billions of devices in the real world.

Industry Leading Products

Orion Dot Pattern Projectors

Meet the world’s highest performing, most compact family of pattern projectors that improve every aspect of 3D depth sensing for smartphones, robots, AR/VR and the IoT.
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Gemini Polarization Selectable Illuminators

The world’s only projector that can produce 2 unique, selectable patterns for near and far depth sensing with a single metasurface optic.
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PolarEyes Polarization Sensing Module

A sensing solution that harnesses the power of polarized light. PolarEyes characterizes depth, material properties and detects transparent objects–using metasurface technology to bring new information to a mobile form factor for the first time.
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Core Markets

Benefits of Meta-Optics

Simplifying complex optical modules to enable new information in mass markets. Multiple optical functions implemented in a single, flat optic allow for complete control of all information in light. Our optics bring the precision of the semiconductor foundries and optics together for the first time.
What are Meta-Optics
When compared to traditional diffractive optics (DOEs), meta-optics (MOEs) produce substantially less stray light and have higher imaging performance at low f/# and across temperature.
4x improvement in signal to noise in 3D imaging systems.
Complete control over the intensity, phase, and polarization of every photon of light.
Multifunctional meta-optics replace an entire set of refractive/diffractive lenses, reducing the cost of lens integration, assembly, and alignment.
Metalenses are fabricated with a single semiconductor layer for high yield, cost effective mass production.
Extreme temperature stability enables worry-free reflow.

Latest News

Latest News
07 | 05 | 2023

Metalenz Pioneers High Volume Semiconductor Foundry-Based Lens Manufacturing

Press Release
10 | 26 | 2023

Metalenz Launches Polar ID, Enabling Simple, Secure Face Unlock for Smartphones

Press Release
09 | 05 | 2023

Metalenz and Vertilite Unveil “Starlight” Projector for Structured Light Applications Using a New Meta-Optic

Press Release
07 | 10 | 2023

Metalenz and Dilusense Partner to Revolutionize the Optics and Performance of Structured Light Sensing Systems

Press Release
06 | 26 | 2023

Metalenz Launches its Metasurface Optics on the Open Market in Partnership with UMC

Press Release
02 | 03 | 2023

Metalenz Wins 2023 Prism Award

Press Release
10 | 12 | 2022

Metalenz Raises $30 Million Series B Led by Neotribe Ventures

Press Release
06 | 09 | 2022

Metalenz and STMicroelectronics Deliver World’s First Optical Metasurface Technology for Consumer Electronics Devices.