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Orion Pattern Projectors

Meet the world’s highest performing, most compact family of pattern projectors that improve every aspect of 3D depth sensing for smartphones, robots, AR/VR and the IoT.

Create virtually any dot, line, or flood pattern with an ultra-wide, >150º field of illumination.

Orion pattern projectors are designed to convert the photons emitted from an array of laser emitters (VCSEL) into a high contrast dot or line pattern. Achieving these patterns in a single, flat meta-optic allows them to be easily integrated into a variety of 3D sensing platforms that can meet the requirements of mobile, IoT or robotics applications, both for time of flight and structured light applications.
Illustration of conventional NIR imaging with DOE
illustration of metalenz technology for NIR imaging with a single meta-optic

Combine the function of five optical elements into one meta-optic.

Orion pattern projectors consist of a single meta-optic paired with a VCSEL, wheras traditional sensors require at a minimum two and more typically 4 or 5 optical elements mounted in a lens barrel on top of the VCSEL.

Graphic illustration of Orion dot pattern
Graphic illustration of Orion 50K dot pattern

Advantages of Orion Pattern Projectors



Replaces a lens barrel with as many as five optical parts (refractive lenses, collimators, DOEs) with a single meta-surface optic.


Consisting of only a single optical element, the Z-height of the lens is significantly reduced, so it can easily fit under any display.


Higher dot contrast and smaller divergence angle ensure that light energy is used efficiently enabling high resolution constellations or at far out distances.


Architecture drastically lowers assembly complexity and cost to drive more depth sensing sockets for user authentication and AR/VR.

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Metalenz and STMicroelectronics Deliver World’s First Optical Metasurface Technology for Consumer Electronics Devices.