Metalenz Launches Polar ID Enabling Simple, Secure Face Unlock for Smartphones
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We are a fabless semiconductor optics company on a mission to revolutionize optical sensing and empower billions of devices with new information. Using our metasurface technology, we are changing the way that people and machines interact with and understand the world.

Company Highlights

  • Metalenz launches its metasurface optics on the open market in partnership with UMC
  • Parts pass module-level reliability for top OEM
  • Portfolio expands to polarized optics w/ launch of PolarEyes™ sensing & Gemini™ Illuminators
  • World’s first metasurface product in mass production with STMicroelectronics
  • Orion™ dot pattern projectors announced
  • STMicroelectronics partnership announced
  • High volume production ready
  • Designed-in, Time-of-flight reference platform
  • Single metasurface imaging invented by Metalenz
  • Metalenz moves HQ to downtown Boston
  • First high-volume manufacturing demonstration wafers
  • Metalenz founded by Rob Devlin & Federico Capasso
  • First capture of high-quality images with metasurfaces at Cambridge office
  • Metalenz secures exclusive license to Harvard IP

Our Team

We are on a mission to make smart sensing and new information accessible to billions of people and devices, changing the way people interact with the world. This is our focus and our passion.

We are a team that values critical and creative thinking and encourages new ideas and complex problem solving.
We work hard, we celebrate.

We are proud to have cultivated an environment of constant collaboration and mutual respect- with egos left at the door.
Built on foundational research from the Capasso Lab at Harvard University.

Built on foundational research from the Capasso Lab at Harvard University.

Metalenz emerged out of stealth in 2021 to become the first company to commercialize meta-optics.
Marking the beginning of this revolutionary optical technology in real-world devices, Metalenz launched meta-optics into consumer devices for the first time in 2022 in a range of consumer devices through its partnership with global semiconductor manufacturing leader STMicroelectronics.
Whether in our smartphones, our car, or medical devices, meta-optics can access whole new sets of information that conventional optics can’t. Our breakthrough technology improves performance with simpler, smaller modules, allowing powerful new sensing capabilities to proliferate to more devices, and impact more lives.

Our Process

Meta-optics designed to your specifications, optimized for manufacturing at scale. The success of metasurface optics relies on precise engineering of the scattering properties of the surface nanostructures, resulting in unprecedented control over electromagnetic radiation with a single layer of material. As a fabless company, we are able to focus our efforts on creating in-house design tools that optimize the full process end to end, from design, to R&D and metrology.
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Proliferate Advanced Sensing

Awards & Recognition

Metalenz Prism Awards Winner

2023 Prism Award

laser focus world award

Laser Focus World Platinum Innovation Award

Latest News

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10 | 26 | 2023

Metalenz Launches Polar ID, Enabling Simple, Secure Face Unlock for Smartphones

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06 | 26 | 2023

Metalenz Launches its Metasurface Optics on the Open Market in Partnership with UMC

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03 | 13 | 2023

Metalenz Relocates Headquarters, Doubles Footprint, and Grows Team to Meet Increasing Demand for its Metasurface Optics

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02 | 03 | 2023

Metalenz Wins 2023 Prism Award