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Computer Vision Intern

Design, Engineering | Boston

Metalenz is a growing, venture-backed start-up that is the first to commercialize meta-optics and enable the next generation of 3D sensing in consumer electronics, automotive and industrial robotics markets. Built on research from Harvard University, Metalenz has 20+ patents on innovations that simplify and improve optical devices. Unlike traditional optics, the company’s metasurface technology provides complex, multifunctional optical performance in a single semiconductor layer, relocating large-scale production of optics to semiconductor foundries that print lenses like computer chips.

Metalenz recently closed a $30M Series B financing led by Neotribe Ventures, and returning investors including 3M Ventures, Applied Ventures LLC, Intel Capital, M Ventures, TDK Ventures, and Foothill Ventures. Now in the market, Metalenz metasurface optics will be in millions of consumer devices this year.

Based in downtown Boston near TD Garden, Metalenz is conveniently located across the street from North Station.

The Position

Metalenz is developing next-generation sensing systems for consumer electronics with metasurface technology. As an intern on the computer vision team, you will help develop computer vision and image processing algorithms to work with our engineered meta-optic camera systems. A successful candidate will be able to implement, profile, and improve existing and new computer vision algorithms for tasks in biometric analysis, 3D imaging, and classification.

What you’ll do

  • Conceive and implement computer vision algorithms using our unique meta-optic capabilities and bring truly secure authentication to mass market
    • Build and improve models across facial identification, presentation attack detection, and scene synthesis
  • Quantize, optimize, and deploy models on mobile systems
  • Configure and develop machine learning pipelines, including data management and performance analysis
  • Implement your algorithms towards our unique camera hardware
  • Collaborate by writing documentation, engaging in code review, and commenting on design documents

What you’ll need

  • Working towards MS or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or relevant field and/or demonstrated excellence in relevant technical domains through open-source contributions or publications
  • 5+ years’ experience building computer vision solutions
  • Understanding of methods and tooling, from OpenCV to deep learning approaches (i.e. Tensorflow, PyTorch, Jax)
    • Working understanding of model optimization and deployment on performance-constrained systems towards fast inference times (particularly TFLite, or familiarity with neural processing SDKs such as SNPE)
  • Knowledge of cameras, image processing, and computer vision techniques
  • Familiarity with software engineering best practices (version control, data provenance, code profiling and unit tests)
  • Proficiency in Python, C++, and/or Julia

What we do

  • Work with consumer electronic OEMs to commercialize meta-optics
  • Design next-generation optical systems for emerging consumer applications like 3D sensing

What We Offer

  • We provide competitive compensation
  • Pre-tax commuter plans
  • Hybrid working model
  • Casual dress code

Metalenz is an equal-opportunity employer. The Company is committed to providing an open and inclusive environment for all of its employees. The Company prohibits any discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, pregnancy, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, criminal record, or genetic information.